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Health Projects

We support healthy living by tackling Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) with the aim to end FGM practices within a generation. Mojatu Foundation thus supports FGM survivors to cope and empowers them to share their stories, gain confidence and knowledge to safeguard other girls and women and voice their concerns.


Gender Equality Campaigners

As a female-led organisation, Mojatu Foundation supports girls and women by putting them at the centre of our work and projects so as to improve their education, skills, employability health, safety and opportunity to influence their own communities.

Courses & Training

  • FGM Courses: Tackling FGM, Working with Young People and Recognising & Responding to FGM
  • Journalism Courses: Community Media Freelance Journalism Courses 
  • English Courses: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) & Conversational English Courses and English for Driving Theory
  • Capacity Building: Community Capacity Building Courses for Individual

Community Media House

We publish the Mojatu magazine bi-monthly, thereby providing a media platform that gives communities and individuals the ability to collate, store, share and amplify their voices, experiences, interests and concerns. The magazine provides a voice on various pressing issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. See online issues at